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How to Copy letsencrypt ssl certificate to another server in 3 Steps?
Copy renewal-ed SSL certificate from AWS instance to another instance 
1) Renewal the primary server using
      sudo certbot certificates
      sudo certbot certonly --manual -d ',*' 

2) Encrypt full directory in Renewaled instance
tar zpcvf backup_etc-letsencrypt_2021-Sep-20.tar.gz /etc/letsencrypt/

4) Copy the tar file from Primary instance to another instance (Note make sure you copied pem file into instance to access the instance).
    sudo scp -r -i /home/bitnami/keys/ssh-pair-key-new.pem bitnami@ /home/bitnami/

5) Extract the copied file from US server
    tar zxvf backup_etc-letsencrypt_2021-Sep-20.tar.gz -C /

6) Restrat the instances.
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