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Filter on Loaded data in Jquery Exercises of JQuery
How to do filter with loaded info in HTML with JQuery? 
It has set of loaded names. With start range and end range of letter have to show or hide the names.
<div class="header_div"><b>Names</b></div>

<div class="names_div">
    <div class="a_letter">Aashay</div>
    <div class="a_letter">Aashish</div>
    <div class="a_letter">Abdul-Azeez</div>
    <div class="a_letter">Abdul-Baari</div>
    <div class="a_letter">Abdul-Ghafoor</div>
    <div class="a_letter">Abdul-Haafiz</div>
    <div class="a_letter">Abdul-Hameed</div>
    <div class="a_letter">Abhayaprada</div>
    <div class="a_letter">Abheek</div>
    <div class="a_letter">Abhi</div>
    <div class="b_letter">Baahir</div>
    <div class="b_letter">Baalaark</div>
    <div class="b_letter">Baanbhatt</div>
    <div class="b_letter">Baanke Bihaari</div>
    <div class="b_letter">Baasim</div>
    <div class="b_letter">Babala</div>
    <div class="b_letter">Badal</div>
    <div class="c_letter">Chaanakya</div>
    <div class="c_letter">Chaaruchandra</div>
    <div class="c_letter">Chaarudatt</div>
    <div class="c_letter">Chaaruhaas</div>
    <div class="c_letter">Chahel</div>
    <div class="c_letter">Chaitan</div>
    <div class="d_letter">Daamodar</div>
    <div class="d_letter">Daaruk</div>
    <div class="d_letter">Daarun</div>
    <div class="d_letter">Dahana</div>
    <div class="d_letter">Daha</div>
    <div class="d_letter">Daitya</div>
    <div class="d_letter">Daivya</div>
    <div class="d_letter">Daiwik</div>
    <div class="e_letter">Eashan</div>
    <div class="e_letter">Ebadaah</div>
    <div class="e_letter">Edhas</div>
    <div class="e_letter">Edi</div>
    <div class="e_letter">Ednit</div>
    <div class="e_letter">Eeshwar</div>
    <div class="e_letter">Egaiarasu</div>
    <div class="e_letter">Eha</div>

<div id="start_at_div" class="range_selector">
    Start at:
        <input type="radio" name="start_at" checked value="97" />A</div>
        <input type="radio" name="start_at" value="98" />B</div>
        <input type="radio" name="start_at" value="99" />C</div>
        <input type="radio" name="start_at" value="100" />D</div>
        <input type="radio" name="start_at" value="101" />E</div>

<div id="end_at_div" class="range_selector">
    End at:
        <input type="radio" name="end_at" checked value="97" />A</div>
        <input type="radio" name="end_at" value="98" />B</div>
        <input type="radio" name="end_at" value="99" />C</div>
        <input type="radio" name="end_at" value="100" />D</div>
        <input type="radio" name="end_at" value="101" />E</div>

<button id="do_filter">Show</button>
       var start_range = $("#start_at_div input:radio[name=start_at]:checked").val();
       var end_range = $("#end_at_div input:radio[name=end_at]:checked").val();
       if (start_range > end_range){
         alert("Invalid range");
       else {
         $(".names_div div").hide();
         for (var i=start_range;i<=end_range;i++){
            $(".names_div div."+String.fromCharCode(i)+"_letter").show();
.range_selector {
   display: block;

.range_selector div {
   display: inline-block;

.names_div {
   margin: 10px 0px;

.header_div {
   font-family: arial;
   font-size: 22px;
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