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How to put dots at end of the div if it has more characters using JQuery?
sline_wc is the class selector to put dots at end.
include sline_wc_<width> example sline_wc_200, then 200 if the width of the line to shrink the text with dots.
<div class="sline_wc sline_wc_200 ft_font sz_zone">
       How to find difference between java and java Fx using Highflyer technology.
       var SplitedData = $(this).attr("class").split(" ");
       for (var dataIndex in SplitedData){
         if (SplitedData[dataIndex].startsWith("sline_wc_")){
           $(this).append('<div style="position: absolute;right: 0px;display: inline-block;width: 40px;background-color: white;font-family: arial;"> (..)</div>');
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