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How to use Integer.parseInt(String,Radix) in JAVA
Integer.parseInt(String,radix) method is used to parse integer from binary, octal or hexa decimal numbers. It is basically used to convert binary to integer, octal to integer and hexadecimal to integer.

String is alphanumeric value;
Radix is used to specify type of input String.

Value range of radix is 2 to 36. Get radix range from Character.MIN_RADIX and Character.MAX_RADIX.
   2 - base-2 numbers (Binary). 2 means input value only contains 0-1. Otherwise will through NumberFormatException
   8 - base-8 numbers (Octal). 8 means input string contains only 0-7. Otherwise will through NumberFormatException
 10 - base-10 numbers (Decimal). It may contains 0-9 characters.
 16 - base-16 numbers (Hexa decimal). It may contains 0-9 and A,B,C,D,E,F characters.
 36 - base-36 numbers (Numbers and Letters). It may contains 0-9 (10) numbers and A to Z (26) letters.

 13 - It means string can contains 0-9 (10) and A,B and C.
   Integer.parseInt("0293BC",13) - No errors. Return parsed integer value.
  Integer.parseInt("0293DC",13) - through NumberFormatException because it contains D. but range 13 only support 0-9 and A, B and C characters.

Example program for Integer.parseInt(String,Radix)
Class SampleCoder {
    public static void main(String args[]) {
          //Binary to decimal conversion

          //Octal to decimal conversion

          //Hexadecimal to decimal conversion

          //String to decimal conversion - throughs NumberFormat Exception, Because it contains D
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