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Check USB Flash Drive Speed Before Purchasing

  Everyone wants a usb flash drive with fast data transfer speeds, but when you buy a usb drive it may turn out to be a nightmare due to slow copy speeds even if you have a usb 3.0 pendrive. Some flash drive manufacturers list the actual data transfer speeds for the usb drive while many dont and eventually its the consumer who gets duped with the slowest read & write pendrive speeds.

But such problem wont bother you anymore, we found a tool that allows you to check usb flash drive speed before you decide to buy it. Before buying a flash drive simply search through the database for the particular model of pendrive and it will show you the actual usb drive benchmarks of that particular model. Verify the flash drive speed other users are experiencing for that particualr model and make sure your money is not going down the drain

UsbFlashSpeed is a web service which provides a huge database for flash drive benchmarks. Users around the world use the utility to perform a usb flash drive benchmark and the speed & performance results are uploaded to the database along with all the details of the flash drive such as model number, capacity, serial number etc.

The mission of the website is to benchmark all usb flash drive models over the world, well i totally support them since it helps me to know the actual data transfer speed of a flash drive before i buy it from the market. I recently bought a new 32GB usb flash drive after checking the website for benchmarked results and the data transfer speeds are the same as verified on the site earlier.

Searching benchmark for a specific flash drive model:

How to check UsbFlashSpeed:

The process is very simple, you need to visit UsbFlashSpeed site and search for the desired flash drive name. You can choose to select the capacity from the dropdown menu or just let it selected as all.

In the screenshot below i searched for my flash drive “Transcend Jetflash 700″. The results show large variations in read & write speeds which can happen if the test is done on a usb 2.0 port and the flash drive is usb 3.0. Other factors also affect the benchmark like the current activity of the system, front usb slot or back. But from the result one can quickly make out the maximum speed one can get with the flash drive considering the highest benchmark result.

check usb flash drive speed How To Check Usb Flash Drive Speed Before Buying

You can even add your own flash drive benchmark to the website using the usb drive benchmark tool they provide, make sure the send report checkbox is ticked to submit results.

If you are confused between buying two or more flash drives, make a search and check the usb flash drive speed to choose the fastest one. The usb flash speed homepage also displays the list of top 10 fastest flash drives currently on the market based on the usb flash drive read & write benchmarks done through this tool.

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